Safe & Powerful Crystal 1lbs

USD 297.00

Purified Crystal for You and Your Purpose

  • Purified – Deep cleansing has performed and all dark energy is removed.
  • True power – Infused with good spirits and energy for you and your purpose.
  • Positive high vibration – Hand selected for You by Japanese spellcaster.

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Why do you need safe and purified crystals?

Because most crystals are harmful.

Are Crystals Really Harmful?

Short answer is YES because it is misused.

It is unbelievable and frustrating to see there are many energy healers and psychics recommend everyone to have some kind of power stone including crystals.

And majority of people seems to feel that is helping them…

Instead it is hurting them in most cases.

Anyone with real psychic ability wouldn’t want anyone to possess stones and crystals which they are not able to handle, but I assume that not all “psychics” don’t have the ability to see the power of crystals.

It is true that crystal has a great power.

Very strong power that can destroy a human body.

It is too powerful for most people to handle crystals.

If you have crystals or power stones and you still have same problems, it could be the crystal that is stopping you from getting out of the problem.

How to check your crystals and power stones.

  1. Put the stones on the table away from heat or cold, if you were wearing it (such as bracelet or necklace) leave it until it doesn’t have temperature from your body.
  2. Put your hand over the stone. Do you feel any heat?
  3. Put your hand away from stone. Did you notice any heat change?

The heat from stone is “the human’s feeling and emotion” that is attached to the stone. Often time those are NOT positive feelings. If it was colder, then the stone may have a spiritual energy that is often dark.


  1. Put stone near your heart.
  2. Feel anything? like tightness?

I one time tested this on my clients and 80% of them felt some kind of discomfort from stone.

When I see any type of crystal or power stone in house or office of my clients I often need to destroy them. Those are definitely causing problems for you, your health, your relationship, your business  and your life.


Please Note: When you use Crystals for healing, it should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. Crystals are not a medical treatment and should not be used as a replacement for medical care. Please consult your healthcare specialist for your particular needs.